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We are here with special packages of perishables and groceries that a family required for a month. The list of items and quantities will change according to the number of people there in the family. You can choose according to your requirements. Here we list out the items that can provide the required amount of nutrients for each person in the family, the doctor recommended. Wanted to know more about this, get in touch with us!!!


These could be avoided, I felt, only if I could start a Fractal Venture supplying poison-free produce from mindful farmers following environment-friendly practices like Natural Farming and Organic Farming or even simple Desi Farming like our ancestors did before learning to use pesticides!

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Curated Products
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Often, we don’t think about the chemicals and pesticides in the vegetables, fruits, and groceries we buy every day. We don’t realize the impact this has on us either. Farm Fresh Bangalore brings a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and groceries all grown organically or using natural farming techniques, free of chemicals and pesticides
Mila Kunit

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We provide wholesale landscape products to nurseries, contractors, and the public.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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